3D Game Engine


PalmGine3D is a game engine been done in a four month period and tries to be a basic Unity-like engine with the implementation of audio engine Wwise, allowing to create audio listeners, audio sources and audio reverb zones.

Core Sub-Systems

Module Scene

  1. Manage all the objects in the scene and the components attached to them.

  2. It allows to save and load scenes (in binary format).

File System

  1. Manage the folders used during the execution of the engine.


  1. It allows to import models and images, and convert them into our own format.

Time Manager

It allows to start, pause and stop the game-mode and controlls the deltatime of the objects in the scene.

Resources Manager

  1. To avoid import repeated files.
  3. It has an “Asset” window that shows all user assets.


Uses Wwise to read and reproduce audio banks.

I've implemented audio listener, audio sources, reverb zone and more features.

Reverb zone in the inspector.