When motivated, we learn better!

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Game Director


Android, iOS


Unity, Photoshop, Excel, Sellics, other programs


03.2019 – 03.2020


In march of 2019 I began an internship in a indie studio called Edinventa. Five months later, I got hired as Game Director where I have been developing educational VR video games for mobile platforms. During this time, I have been working on game and level design, prototyping, developing video games in Unity with C# and managing the development of the games.


These video games are based on Montessori Pedagogy, designed to

encourage the motivation and interest in the learning of languages and

mathematics. We use the neuroeducation to help store information more

effectively and develop a healthiest relationship with these two subjects, especially

in childs between five and twelve years.


I have been developing minigames inside the App and currently there are

ten games where I have worked on.


Also, as a small studio, I have had to work in other needs like

subventions, Amazon statistics, ADs optimization, team recruitment and others.

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Sound of Rain

Interactive short film for Oculus

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Designer, technical artist and programmer


Windows, Oculus Rift


Unity, Quill


04.2019 – Current


12 to 25


‘Sound of Rain’ is a VR experience designed to rethink our relationship with music. Following a DJ on a journey through his memories, we will go through his special relationship with the sounds that surround him, to end up connecting his perception with our own life experience. ‘Sound of Rain’ is the first VR experience created at ESCAC (School of film and media of Catalonia), a center with a national and international reputation in the field of film and media.

I have worked hand to hand with scriptwriters, 3D artists, music composers and other film professionals and students to develop this project from the beginning.

After design the main story with filmmakers, my work consisted in project management, technical artist and programming every feature of the project.

Sound of Rain has been exhibited at several festivals such as Sónar+D and Sitges Film Festival.

Currently in development.

Development video for Sónar 2019